Windshield V-Brace for Cessna 180/185

Windshield V-Brace for Cessna 180/185


PN: 0713878-5 BRACE ASSY

  • SN 18503000 & On

  • SN 18052681 thru 18053203

PN: 0713103-2 BRACE ASSY

  • SN 18502311 thru 18502999

  • SN 18052385 thru 18052680

Windshield V-Brace, repaired according to AC 43.13.1B.

  • Core required.

We use a small part of any original V-Brace to restore/repair these expensive parts. Most of the time the end result is a thicker stronger tube that resists bending. Lots of people pull themselves forward to the panel, it really helps having a thicker, stronger tube.

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