Repair & Reconditioning FAA Part 43: 

Main Landing Gear and Tailgear

Using approved techniques, we have the ability to inspect and repair steel landing gear legs and tailgear for damage. We service Cessna, Piper, Aeronca, Experimental and more. Our processes include:

  • Dimensional Inspection

  • Cleaning

  • Visual Inspection

  • Scratch, Pit and Dent Removal

  • Temper Straightening

  • Subcritical Anneal (if required)

  • Heat Treat (if required)

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection

  • Stress Relieving

  • Shot Peening

  • Primer and Overcoat (if requested)

  • Certificate of Conformance and Log Book Entry (if the aircraft is present)

  • FAA Form 337 (if Heat Treat is required)

All processes used are recognized by the American Society of Metals, FAA AC 43.13 1B, and Cessna Service Manual for each particular make and model. 

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